Candy packaging supplies – the 10 best of 2022

Candy packaging supplies are essential for any candy shop, bakery, or sweet treats business. It’s important to choose the right type of packaging for your products to ensure that they stay fresh and attractive to customers.

Whether you’re making homemade candy or selling pre-packaged treats, candy packaging supplies should be chosen to enhance the look and taste of your products. The types of candy packaging supplies available are wide and varied, from simple cellophane bags to more elaborate containers.

In this guide, you’ll find a list of the best candy packaging supplies for 2022. We’ve included all the information you need to know, from the different types of materials and containers available to the pros and cons of each.

  • Types of Candy Packaging Supplies
  • Cellophane Bags
  • Plastic Containers
  • Paper Bags
  • Metal Tins
  • Glass Jars

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Best 10 Candy Packaging Supplies

600pcs Foil Candy Wrappers — Best Value

brand : Pengxiaomei
color : Multicolor

These 600pcs foil candy wrappers are made of food grade aluminium foil, safe and non-toxic, can be used to wrap various candies, chocolate, sweets and confections.

Each color is packed in an individual bag, clean and tidy, easy to use. The size of each candy wrapper is 4 inches x 4 inches/ 10cm x 10cm, proper size to wrap various candies, chocolate, sweets, confections etc.

These foil candy wrappers are designed to keep candy fresh protected and attractive for gift giving. They are also perfect for decorating your party, wedding, festival, candy making and other DIY craft projects.

Please note that the aluminium foil paper can't be used for baking at high temperature or to heat in the microwave. Do not swallow. Do not push them too hard, please handle them carefully.


6 colors

100 wrappers per color

Made of aluminium foil


Food grade storage


Not for high temperature baking

Not microwave safe

Square Golden Aluminium Foil Candy Wrappers – Best for DIY Candies

color : Gold
size : 4X4INCH

The Square Golden Aluminium Foil Candy Wrappers Sugar Wraps Paper is made of high quality aluminum foil material. It is safe, non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and durable. The foil paper wrappers are a set of 300 pcs. The size of the foil paper wrappers is 10 x 10cm/4 x 4inch. The color of the foil paper wrappers is silver on the inside and golden on the outside (smooth surface).

The Square Golden Aluminium Foil Candy Wrappers Sugar Wraps Paper is designed to keep candy fresh protected and attractive for gift giving. The foil paper wrappers are great for Christmas, party, wedding and daily life. The Square Golden Aluminium Foil Candy Wrappers Sugar Wraps Paper is excellent for wrapping and decorating any confectionery products. Note: This product cannot be used at high temperature, please do not heat in the microwave or bake in the oven.


– •High quality •Details: 300 pcs foil paper wrappers •Wonderful present •Excellent Malleability


– •Can't be used at high temperature

Ocmoiy Candy Apple Kits — Best for Caramel Apples

brand : Ocmoiy
color : Gold

Ocmoiy DIY Candy Apple Kits are perfect for making candy apples or caramel apples. The kit includes 100 candy apple sticks, 100 candy apple bags, and 50 yards of gold and silver glitter ribbon. The candy apple sticks are made of natural bamboo and are polished without burrs or sharp points. The candy apple bags are made of food grade high transparency OPP for better display. The glitter ribbon is 0.6 inch wide and is perfect for tying a bowknot to seal the bags or for wrapping the bamboo sticks for sparkling decoration.


Food grade material

No chemical added

Polished without burrs

Comes with gold and silver glitter ribbons

Suitable for holiday decoration



BILLIOTEAM Brown Kraft Cookie Box - Best Packaging

color : Brown
size : 30 Count (Pack of 1)

The BILLIOTEAM 30 Pack Brown Kraft Cookie Box with Clear Window is a high quality product that is perfect for storing and displaying your cookies,mini pies,biscuits,macarons,doughnuts,pretzels,chocolates,mini strawberries,cakesicles,candies and more other desserts. The clear window provides optimal visibility, allowing you to show off your delicious creations while keeping them fresh. The box is easy to assemble and is made of durable, high quality materials.


Made of high quality 300gsm brown kraft paper

Durable and sturdy

Clear windows provide optimal visibility

Easy to assemble

Can be used for a variety of occasions



Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers Set - Best for Chocolate Lovers

brand : HKNMTT
color : Transparent

The HKNMTT Chocolate Packaging Set is a great way to make your homemade chocolates look more professional. The set includes 100 clear self-adhesive bags and 90 stickers in three different styles. The bags are 4" x 7.8" and can hold chocolates that are up to 3" x 6". The transparent and sturdy bags have excellent vapor barrier properties, which can maintain the freshness of food and snacks and extend the shelf life. The set is also great for packaging mini candies and truffles as gifts.


Includes 100 clear bags and 90 stickers

Bags are 4" x 7.8"

Stickers are 3" x 6"

Bags are food grade and BPA-free

Bags have excellent vapor barrier properties


Bags may be too small for some chocolate bars

Oasis Supply Christmas Holiday Candy Boxes – Best Holiday Gift

brand : Oasis Supply
color : Holly Design
size : 1/2 Pound

The Oasis Supply, Christmas Holiday Candy Boxes are a great way to package your holiday treats. This kit includes 12 boxes, pads, and gold stretch loop ribbons. The boxes are decorated with a holly design and hold 1/2 pound of candy. They are easy to assemble and make a great addition to your holiday decor.


- Includes box, box pad, and gold stretch loop - One-piece box - Available in various sizes and designs - Easy to assemble


- None!

240Pcs Cookie Bags with Red Ribbons – Best Packaging

brand : KD KIDPAR
color : 240PCS
size : 496 Piece Set

The package includes 240 pieces cellophane bags and 240 pieces of twist ties.

The patterns includes snow flake, Santa, Snowman,sled,wapiti and Christmas tree.

These treat bags are suitable for Valentines, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and other holiday party supplies, which can hold candies, biscuits, nuts, chocolates, popcorn and so on, and those twist ties can prevent items from falling off.

The cellophane bag is made of OPP, which is smooth and lightweight. Strong to hold cookies. The twist tie is made of polyester and iron wire, durable and easy to use.

The treat bags are 6 x 4 inches, having enough capacity for storing items; each twist tie is 10 cm/ 4 inches.


Large quantity

6 assorted designs

Wide usages


Measuring is 6x4 inches


94% Polyester 6% Iron Wire

Christmas Candy Wrappers Twisting Wax Caramel — Best Wrappers

brand : Yexiya

These Christmas candy wrappers are perfect for wrapping hard candy, nougat, caramel, chocolate, or any other type of candy. The wrappers are made of a good quality paper that is oil resistant and smooth. Each wrapper has a Christmas design that is perfect for the holiday season. The wrappers are easy to use and will keep your candy fresh.


Comes with 600 wrappers

3 different Christmas patterns

Made of good paper

Has good oil resistance

Classic Christmas graphics

Easy to use



MIMIND Christmas Caramel Candy Wrappers — Best Value

brand : MIMIND

The Mimind 800 Pieces Christmas Caramel Candy Wrappers Twisting Wax Caramel Wrapping Paper for Christmas Chocolate Wrappers Holiday Birthdays Party Wedding Packaging, 8 Classic Style is a great value pack of candy wrappers. You get 800 wrappers in 8 different styles. The size of the wrapper is 12.5 x 9 cm/ 4.92 x 3.54 inches. They are made of paper material and are lightweight and reusable.

The candy wrappers are designed with Christmas elements in a variety of bright and vibrant colors. The patterns look classic and eye-catching. They are perfect for wrapping homemade candies, chocolates, desserts, pastries, doughnuts, and small gifts.

The candy wrappers are a great way to add a touch of Christmas to your candies and gifts. They are also a great value for the price.


800 pieces of candy wrappers in 8 classic styles

Made of reliable paper material

Appropriate size

Exquisite design

Wide range of applications



Gretel Mini Treat Boxes – Best Packaging

brand : Gretel

Gretel mini treat boxes are made of high quality 350 gsm kraft paper. The set contains 20 small cardboard boxes with dimensions 5 x 3.5 x 1.57 inches (12.7 x 8.9 x 4 cm), and 20 dividers.

These boxes are designed with durability in mind. They are thicker and more robust than most, with easy folding instructions that allow for assembly in seconds.

The kraft cardboard material is both recyclable and biodegradable. These boxes are optimal for chocolates, truffles, candies, and tiny pastries, and can also be used without the dividers to display accessories, jewelry, and other small gifts.


-You get 20 boxes and 20 dividers -The boxes are easy to assemble -The boxes are made from 350 gsm kraft paper -The boxes are recyclable and biodegradable


-The boxes are small

Buyer Guide:candy packaging supplies

Get the Right Supplies for Packaging Your Candy

If you’re in the candy business, you know that having great packaging is key to success. Not only does it have to look great, but it also has to be sturdy enough to protect your product during shipping. Here are some tips on how to get the right supplies for packaging your candy.

The first thing you need is a good box. You can find boxes in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose the right one for your candy. Make sure to get a box that’s big enough to fit your product, but not too big or it will be difficult to ship.

Next, you need to choose the right type of packaging tape. There are several different types of tape available, so make sure you get the right kind for your needs. The most common type of tape is called “crystal clear” tape, and it’s perfect for sealing boxes. It’s strong enough to keep your candy safe during shipping, but it’s also transparent so it doesn’t obscure the design on your box.

Finally, you need stickers to seal your boxes. There are many different types of stickers available, so make sure you get the right ones for your needs. If you want a really professional look, stick with clear stickers with no printing on them. They’ll give your boxes a clean, polished appearance.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to find the right supplies for packaging your candy.

1. Make Sure You're Supplied for Proper Candy Packaging

The Halloween season is a great time to get into the candy business. After all, everyone loves getting free candy, and there's no better way to make your home look like a haunted house than by giving out sweet treats to all of your guests. Of course, in order for your candy packaging venture to be successful, you'll need to make sure that you have all the supplies you need before you begin handing out the loot.

2. The Right Supplies for the Job

When it comes to packaging candy, you'll need to have several items on hand. Boxes or bags are essential for storing the treats, and decorations like ribbons and stickers can help make your packaging look more festive. You'll also need some labels with your company name and logo on them, as well as some small adhesive notes that you can use to seal the boxes or bags closed. Finally, don't forget to stock up on candy!

3. Get Decorating!

Once you have all of your supplies, it's time to start decorating. Begin by wrapping a ribbon around the top of each box or bag. Next, add a sticker or two in a festive pattern. Finally, use a pen or marker to write your company name and logo on the label. Be sure to make it visible and legible so that customers will know where to go for their next Halloween fix!

4. Make It Easy for Customers

One of the best things about handing out candy during Halloween is that people love getting free stuff. This means that you'll likely have a lot of satisfied customers if you make things easy for them. Make sure that your labels are clear and easy to read, and consider including an advertisement for your business on the back of each package. This will help increase awareness of your company while customers enjoy their delicious treats!

1. Get the Right Supplies for Safe and Attractive Candy Packaging

When you are packaging candy, it is important to have the right supplies. This will help ensure that your candy looks great and is safe for your customers to eat. Here are some of the supplies you will need:

  • Cardboard boxes - You will need sturdy cardboard boxes to package your candy. Boxes with lids are ideal, as they will protect your candy from becoming dirty or damaged.

  • Clear bags - Clear plastic bags are perfect for packaging small pieces of candy. They allow your customers to see the candy inside, and they are also resealable so that the candy remains fresh.

  • Labels - Labels are a must-have for labeling your candy packages. You can use them to indicate the ingredients, the nutritional information, and other important information about your product.

By using the right supplies, you can create attractive and safe candy packaging that will stand out on store shelves.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the benefits of using candy packaging supplies?

There are many benefits to using candy packaging supplies, which can include everything from boxes and bags to wrappers and labels. Some of the benefits of using these supplies include:

  1. Convenience - When you use pre-made candy packaging supplies, it is easy to package your candy quickly and easily. This can save you time in the kitchen or at the store, and can make it easier to get your candy ready for sale or for giving as a gift.

  2. attractiveness - Pre-made candy packaging can often make your candy look more attractive than if you were to just wrap it in ordinary paper or plastic. This can make your product more appealing to potential buyers or recipients, and can help boost sales or appreciation.

  3. protection - Candy packaging supplies can also help protect your candy from damage during shipping or transport. This can help keep your product looking good and tasting fresh, which can be important when selling or giving away candy.

  4. variety - There are many different types of candy packaging supplies available, so you can find the perfect type for your needs. This variety can allow you to find the perfect packaging for any type of candy, from small hard candies to large chocolates bars.

Overall, there are many benefits to using candy packaging supplies. These supplies can make it easier and more attractive to package your candy, and they can also help protect and promote your product.

What types of candy packaging supplies are available on the market?

There are a variety of different candy packaging supplies on the market. Some of the most popular types of supplies include boxes, bags, and wrappers. The type of supply you choose will depend on the type of candy you are selling.

Boxes are a popular choice for packaging candy. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be customized to match your branding. Bags can also be used to package candy. They are typically made from paper or plastic, and come in a variety of colors and styles. Wrappers are another option for packaging candy. They typically come in rolls, and can be customized to match your branding.

When choosing a packaging supply, consider the size and shape of your candy. You also need to consider the cost and how easy it is to use the supply. Be sure to select a supply that will make your candy look its best!

How do you choose the right candy packaging supplies for your business?

When it comes to packaging your candy, you have a few different options to choose from. There are many different types of candy packaging supplies available on the market, from boxes and bags to wrappers and more. So, how do you know which type of candy packaging is right for your business?

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing your supplies:

  1. What type of candy do you sell?

Not all types of candy require the same type of packaging. If you sell chocolates, for example, you'll need a different type of packaging than if you sell gummy bears. Make sure the supplies you choose are appropriate for the type of candy you're selling.

  1. How much candy do you sell?

If you only sell a small amount of candy, you may not need as much packaging as someone who sells a lot of it. Choose supplies that are appropriate for the amount of candy you plan to sell.

  1. What kind of look do you want your candy to have?

The type of packaging you choose can also affect the look of your candy. If you're going for a sleek and professional look, opt for black or clear boxes or bags. If you want your candy to have a more fun and colorful look, go with brightly colored wrappers or bags.

  1. What's your budget? Candy packaging supplies can vary in price, so it's important to find something that fits within your budget. Choose supplies that are affordable yet still high quality.

Once you've considered these factors, it should be easier to decide on the right type of candy packaging supplies for your business. Trust us—the right supplies will make your products look even more irresistible!

What are some of the most common mistakes made when choosing candy packaging supplies?

When it comes to choosing the right packaging supplies for your candy, there are a few common mistakes that may be made. Read on to learn more about what these mistakes are so you can avoid them when preparing to package your sweet treats.

  1. Choosing the wrong container size

One of the most common mistakes made when choosing candy packaging supplies is selecting the wrong container size. This can be a problem because it may lead to either wasted packaging supplies or insufficient packaging for your product. Be sure to measure the dimensions of your product and choose a container size that will accommodate it appropriately.

  1. Selecting flimsy packaging materials

Another mistake that can be made when choosing candy packaging supplies is selecting flimsy materials. This can be a problem because it can cause your product to become damaged during transport or storage. When selecting materials for your packaging, be sure to select something that is sturdy and will protect your product.

  1. Not considering environmental factors

In addition to considering the practical factors of choosing the right candy packaging supplies, it is also important to take into account the environmental factors as well. For example, you will want to choose materials that are recyclable or biodegradable so they can be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way.